Author: Rachel

The Prediction Machine and Performing Data at Tropixel Brazil

Rachel Jacobs is in Brazil at the Tropixel Open Science event, part of the Mata Atlantica Festival (Atlantic Forest Festival) July 3rd – 5th 2015.

As part of this event Rachel will be speaking on a panel about open science and running a two day workshop open to the public that presents the performing data toolkit, the concepts around The Prediction Machine and her research into artists engaging the public with climate science. Tropixel is part of the open software and hackers movement in Brazil…

Rachel will be presenting demos of the Performing data wordpress plug-in that she uses to power The Prediction Machine, small arduino examples that are controlled by live weather data from a weather station set up for the workshop, the Hasting Pier Yun that will bring wave data from the UK to the waves of Brazil and a portable version of The Prediction for people to hack and make their own.