Author: Diane Wiltshire

Eastside Projects, Birmingham

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I really enjoyed the discussion last night at Eastside projects. Especially,

hearing from Paul Tennent about all the projects he has been involved in. 

I’m really excited about the week at FACT now, can’t wait to see what

everyone has come up with.

Sentiment Art is at Eastside Project. 8th July.



I’m really looking forward to talking about Sentiment Art and Performing Data at Eastside Projects,  86 Health Mill Lane. B9 4AR. On the 8th July at 6pm.

Dr Paul Tennent will also be joining us to explain the Performing Data tool box. After there will be a chance to experience the work.

Sentiment Art is in Birmingham

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What if you couldn’t just hear someones opinion but feel them too?

A hundred people have contributed to this art work. A chorus of humanity through sound and touch The next stage of the experience is almost ready for new participants to help develop the interaction. A solitary experience where your unique response drives the immersive space.

3rd July. 5 – 9 pm. Gibb St. B9 4AA.

8th July. 6.30 – 8 pm. Eastside Projects. 86 Heath Mill Lane. B9 4AR.