Brendan Walker

Senior Research Fellow

Brendan is a Renaissance Showman – a technology-inspired performance artist described by The Times as “the world’s only Thrill Engineer”. His multi-faceted Thrill Laboratory performances have provided popular entertainment for audiences from the Science Museum to Alton Towers, featured at Tate Modern and MoMA. Brendan also runs Aerial, a design practice specialising in the creation of tailored emotional experience, with clients such as Durex, Nissan, and Merlin Entertainment; he is Professor of Creative Industries at Middlesex University; and a regular broadcaster, currently filming as a new presenter for BBC Coast.


Caroline Locke pic for website

Caroline Locke


Caroline Locke has been described as one of the UK’s most innovative interdisciplinary artists. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and is widely known for her large-scale installation works. Working with water, sculptural devices, new and old technology, sound, video and live elements, Locke makes works that are often sited in public spaces as well as in galleries and performance venues. Caroline is Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and a Principal Researcher within the Digital and Material Arts Research Centre at the University of Derby. She is artist in residence at the Mixed Reality Laboratory at the University of Nottingham.





Di Wiltshire


Diane Wiltshire is an artist. Previously working in Experience Design after gaining an MA through a bursary to study with the Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology Lab. Exhibiting in the UK and Germany a permeant work in Shrewsbury Museum and Art Galleries collection. She is Artist in Residence at the Mixed Reality Lab, Nottingham University and Creative Director of Sentiment Art, which will be touring in the UK throughout 2015.



Holger Schnädelbach

Project Coordinator

Holger Schnädelbach is a Senior Research Fellow at the Mixed Reality Lab, the University of Nottingham. With a PhD in Architecture and more than 15 years’ experience in Human Computer Interaction research, the interface of information technology and the built environment is his core research area.





 Jesse Blum

Research Fellow

My research and teaching interests focus on the interdisciplinary application of ubiquitous computing, ambient monitoring, Internet and social media analysis, and data science (big data) for people in their homes, agencies, and decision-making bodies. I have particular interests in pervasive computing, healthcare delivery improvement, and e-social science. I am a skilled computing scientist and software engineer with experience in a variety of languages, development methods and technical authorship practices, as well having been actively involved in a number of interdisciplinary research projects. I have developed an internationally recognised reputation demonstrating impact of my research through knowledge exchange. This includes evidence of university and academic service and good citizenship through leadership, management, collegiality, knowledge exchange, and engaging with the wider community.





Joseph Marshall

Research Fellow

I’m a research fellow in in the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University’s Computer Science department. My research interest is in the development of interactive systems for use during ‘extreme motion’, which I explore through the study of games and artistic experiences. As part of this work, I have built a range of systems including games for use during swimming and running, interactive amusement rides, a game to be played while pushing a car and real-world brawling games.



Lei Ye

Research Fellow

Lei has been working as a Research Fellow in the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham since 2011. Before joining the lab, Lei was a researcher in the University of Sheffield and the University of Manchester, respectively. His interests are in computer 3D graphics, virtual/mixed reality, AI, simulation and communication. Lei has more than 10 years experiences in computer engineering, especially in software design and programming, and has joined several large scale scientific research and commercial engineering projects.




Patrick Brundell

Research Fellow

Dr Patrick Brundell is a research fellow in the Mixed Reality Laboratory (MRL), Computer Science, University of Nottingham. His background is in experimental social and educational psychology, with a focus on real-time communication technologies, learning and interaction processes. His PhD investigated deception and communication media. Since joining the MRL in 2008 he has researched the technologies to support qualitative analyses as part of the eSocial Science programme. He has also conducted numerous studies of the design, implementation and use of interactive art, entertainment and educational systems deployed in public spaces, in particular theme parks, museums and galleries.


Paul Tennent

Research Fellow

Dr Paul Tennent has been a Research Fellow at the Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University’s Computer Science Department since 2007. His principal research interest is in the application of biosensors – particularly for creative, gaming or educational use, and in developing software infrastructures to manage those data. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Glasgow University with a theme of making ‘born digital’ data accountable for qualitative social scientists, and has worked in the Mixed Reality Lab ever since, slowly changing focus from social scientists as end users to work with more artistic or creative practitioners. He is fond of dogs, long walks and cake.



Rachel Jacobs

Artist and Researcher

Rachel is currently a part-time Impact Fellow at the Mixed Reality Lab/Horizon Digital Economy Research Hub. Her area of interest is looking at how artists merge art, environmental science and technology through cross-disciplinary collaboration and to ‘perform’ scientific data. She is also an independent artist, consultant, researcher and co-founder of the award winning artist-led company Active Ingredient and games design company Mudlark Productions. The Prediction Machine has been developed by Rachel as a combined artwork and research project.



Steve Benford

Professor of Collaborative Computing in the Mixed Reality Laboratory

Steve Benford is Professor of Collaborative Computing in the Mixed Reality Laboratory at the University of Nottingham. He currently holds an EPSRC Dream Fellowship and is the Director of the EPSRC-funded Horizon Doctoral Training Centre in Ubiquitous Computing. He is also a Visiting Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge and was the first Visiting Professor at the BBC in 2012. Academically, Steve has received best paper awards at the ACM’s annual Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) conference in2005, 2009, 2011 and 2012 (with honorable mentions in 2006 and 2013). He also won the 2003 Prix Ars Electronica for Interactive Art, the 2007 Nokia Mindtrek award for Innovative Applications of Ubiquitous Computing, and has received four BAFTA nominations. He was elected to the CHI Academy in 2012. His book Performing Mixed Reality was published by MIT Press in 2011.